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Friday, 2. October 2015: " Organisational, political and social meanings of competing cultural typologies"

Organizer: Prof. Gerhard Fink, WU Wien/Austria
Chair: Dr. Christiane Erten, WU Wien/Austria
Discussants: Dr. Daniel Dauber, University Warwick/UK
          the social implications of typologies
  Prof. Slawomir Magala, Rotterdam School of Management /Netherlands
          typologies, cultural change and power games
Prof. Yochanan Altman (Kedge Business School France)
  Title: “Neo-Durkheim approaches”
Prof. Maurice Yolles (Liverpool John Moores University/UK)
  Titel: “Maruyama types and paradigmatic independence of types”
Prof. Gerhard Fink (WU Wien/Austria)
  Title: “The political meanings of agency mindset types”

Saturday, 3. October 2015: "Diversity Management and Highly Qualified Immigrants and Inpatriates"

Organizer: Prof. Guenter Stahl, WU Wien/Austria
Chair: Dr. Aida Hajro, Brunel University/UK & WU Wien/Austria
Discussants: Prof. Marie Therese Claes, Louvain School of Management/Belgium
Prof. Torsten Kuehlmann (University Bayreuth/Germany) &
  Mag. Ramona Heinz (University Bayreuth/Germany)
  Title: “EUDiM: Supporting highly-qualified immigrants through diversity management”
Prof. Guenter Stahl (WU Wien/Austria) &
  Mag. Doris Friedrich (WU Wien/Austria) &
  Dr. Aida Hajro (Brunel University/UK & WU Wien/Austria)
  Titel: “Challenges, coping strategies and adjustment of highly-qualified immigrants from non-EU countries”
Associate Professor Sebastian Reiche (IESE Business School/Spain)
  Title: “Revisiting the Adjustment of Professionals Abroad”