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Conference Proceedings

For inclusion into the IACCM 2015 conference proceedings we expect a paper of 3000-3500 words text (not counting abstract, keywords, references and tables) by 31 July 2015.

Please use our Word Template and follow the guidelines of Inderscience, more information here and send it to

Word Template


By submitting their abstracts, full papers and bios, the authors authorize IACCM/SIETAR Austria to publish and diffuse them through print, electronic means and others, including national and international scientific databases as well as institutional repositories.

The Conference Proceedings from the IACCM2015 Conference and CEMS Doctoral Workshop, are, as a collective publication, the property of IACCM and SIETAR Austria. Authors of papers submitted to, and presented at, the conference retain the rights to their individual paper.

Final Proceedings

ISSN 2414-0554
Key title: Conference proceedings (International Association of Cross Cultural Competence and Management Conference Annual Conference)
Abbreviated key title: Conf. proc. (Int. Assoc. Cross Cult.Competence Manag. Conf. Annual Conference)

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